Windwalker Monk Macros (MoP 5.4)

These are the Windwalker Monk Macros that currently work for patch 5.4. If you have any questions or suggestions on the Macros, please let me know.

Note: These are just your basic macros. Fore more advanced
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  Windwalker DPS Cooldowns

Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger
/use 13
/use 14
/cast Chi Brew
/cast Tigereye Brew
/cast Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger

How it Works – This is your all in on Windwalker dps cooldown macro. Of course if you don’t have 2 damage trinkets you’re not going to need both trinkets in there.


  Detox Mouseover

/cast [@mouseover,help,nodead] Detox;Detox

How it Works – This will cast Detox on your mouseover target. If you have no mouseover, it will be cast on yourself.


  Rising Sun/Blackout Kick

Rising Sun Kick
/castsequence reset=8 Rising Sun Kick, Blackout Kick,
Blackout Kick,Blackout Kick

How it Works – This will allow you to spam Blackout Kick until Rising Sun Kick is available.


  Energizing/Tigereye Brew

Energizing Brew
/cast Energizing Brew
/Cast Tigereye Brew

How it Works – Allows you to use both brews at the same time.


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